How Much Does a Van Wrap Cost?

Updated: 13 June 2024

When you think of some of the most effective ways of advertising your business, wrapping your van might not be the first solution that comes to mind. However, unlike other forms of business advertising, eye-catching vehicle graphics advertise your business 24/7 for no extra cost.

As a result, when you discover how much of a return on investment (ROI) you could realistically make from a well-thought-out design, you may think again. This article will explore these questions and assess the contributing factors to the cost of wrapping your van.

Understanding the Basics - Van Wrapping

A large truck adorned with a vibrant floral design, standing out on the road.

Before diving into the main costs, it's essential to understand what a van wrap entails.
(Note: If you'd like to know more about the costs for wrapping company cars check out our car wrapping costs article.)

A van wrap involves the application of vinyl wraps or graphics to the exterior surfaces of a van. Depending on the desired design and budget, these wraps can cover either a portion of the vehicle (partial wrap) or the entire surface (full wrap), showcasing what your business has to offer, key contact details or witty/memorable slogans to catch the eye of those passing by. This can help your business attract more customers, or at least encourage people to explore more on what you do. After all, you’ve probably seen for yourself a wrapped van that has lingered in your mind longer than the typical plain Ford Transit, so why not make your van the most memorable one on the road?

Factors Influencing Van Wrapping Costs

An orange van with the words "Oxford" on it, parked on a street.

If you’re considering wrapping your van, it’s important to keep several factors in mind. A typical standard full-van wrap costs around £1950-£3500+VAT, but this can easily change due to the following:

  • Size of the Van - Larger vans will require more material, as well as a longer duration to wrap the van, which can increase the overall cost.
  • Type of Wrap - Do you need a full or partial wrap? Partial wraps are generally less expensive than full wraps since they cover a smaller area of the vehicle.
  • Design Complexity - Elaborate designs with intricate graphics, multiple colours or custom artwork may incur higher design and production costs.
  • Material Quality - Premium vinyl materials with enhanced durability and UV protection may come at a higher price point but offer longevity and better visual appeal. For a full exterior wrap on your vehicle, your wrap supplier should always be using a fully cast material, which will be able to conform to the curves and recesses of the van without “popping out” or failing. Self-coloured (“off-the-roll”) vinyl has an expected lifespan on 5+ years, printed material has an expected lifespan of 3+ years (depending on the exact material chosen).
  • Complex Installations - Factors such as unusual vehicle shapes, surface preparation and additional features (e.g. colour-coded bumpers, handles, wing mirrors) can affect installation time and overall cost.
  • Fleet Size - The per-vehicle cost of wraps can reduce when more than one van is being wrapped. That’s because once we’ve digitised the print templates for a vehicle, that work doesn’t need doing again for other vehicles of the same make and model. Therefore, the cost of wrapping a fleet of vans can work out lower per-vehicle than for a single vehicle, and so we can pass savings onto you.

How to Get Your Van Wrap to Pay For Itself

A person applying vinyl wrap to a van.

As mentioned earlier, a great design can help a van wrap essentially pay for itself, making a strong return on investment (ROI). However, it is down to you to decide how you want your van to be wrapped, so keep in mind that your unique design ideas will link to the ROI you can make, and how quickly you can achieve it.

A well-designed van wrap will follow the AIDA marketing model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Your wrap needs to catch a potential customer's attention, generate interest through engagement with products or services, create a strong desire by highlighting the benefits of your product or service, and prompt them to take action through clear “Calls to Action” (CTAs) or incentives.

In addition, it’s important to remember that you may only have a couple of seconds to grab someone’s attention. Therefore your messaging needs to be:

  • eye-catching
  • simple
  • easy to remember, and
  • easy to follow up on (e.g. for people who can’t make a note of your number, being able to remember your company name and what you do is often enough to Google. Utilising consistent branding on your website and vehicles, enables users to visually confirm they’ve correctly found the right website for your business).

Alongside your company name, make sure you include a clear phone number, website or email address - it is important to make yourself contactable!

There are also more technical promotional methods that you could try on your van wrap, such as QR codes, which can take users to dedicated landing/conversion web pages. How about special offer codes, which not only give your customers a benefit but can also help you track leads to measure the engagement generated through your van wrap design? These additions can help you evaluate the ROI, and potentially help you determine how long it’s taken to pay for itself.


 Image of a moving truck with wrap displaying a couch and other furniture.

Can a vinyl wrap be applied to a leased van?

Yes, since vinyl wraps are removable, they can be applied to leased vans. However, always check with your leasing company for any specific restrictions or guidelines.

A new Ford Transit van parked, showcasing its sleek wrap design.

How many vehicles can you wrap at a time?

We have space in our vehicle bay for 4x Ford Connect Sized vans, or 3x Ford Transit Customs at any one time. We always work with our clients to maximise the speed and efficiency with which we can wrap your vehicles whilst also minimising any impact on your daily operations.

Do we need to deliver our vans to you?

Ideally; but we appreciate that may not always be possible or convenient, and so can also arrange the collection and drop off of vehicles if required (dependent on distance and quantity) for an additional cost.

How should I maintain my van wrap?

To maintain your van wrapping and increase its longevity, wash it regularly with mild, pH neutral vehicle shampoo and water (preferably by hand). Avoid using abrasive chemicals and inspect the wrap periodically for any damage or lifting.

What if my wrap gets damaged?

Minor damages like scratches or small tears can often be repaired without replacing the entire wrap. Your wrap provider will be able to assess the damage and advise on the panels which may require replacing.

Consult with your wrap provider for specific repair options.

How long does it take to install a van wrap?

The installation time can vary depending on the size of the van and the complexity of the wrap, but it generally takes between 1 to 3 days.

A red and white van with the word Ideas on the side.

Explore Our Vehicle Wrapping Services to Get Your Business Seen On the Road

At Complete Graphics, our experienced team can bring your meticulously designed van wraps to life, helping you connect with more potential customers. If you’re unsure about a design, don’t worry - we can help. Contact us today for a FREE project consultation, so we can discuss where to get started!

Whether you have a small fleet of 2-3 vehicles or a large fleet of 20+ vans, we can help! If you want brand recognition on site or to be a bill-board on wheels for your company, our design team can advise on how to achieve your marketing goals. From concept to completion, we will guide you through the whole design process, advise on best practice and the appropriate materials to use.

A fleet of yellow vans.

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