Top 5 Car Restoration Shows in the UK


Top 5 Car Restoration Shows in the UK

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As we reach the summer holidays, you might be thinking of doing-up or sprucing-up that car you’ve had sat in the garage, so we’ve put together a list of some great YouTube channels to inspire you to get going!

Here are our top picks for UK car restoration shows, featuring Car Throttle’s latest video in which we added carbon fibre finishing touches to their Mini project…

Car Throttle

Last week we dashed over to Abingdon to fit some Carbon Fibre finishes on a Mini that Car Throttle have been restoring for their new series. If you look closely, you’ll spot Cameron and Joel working away…


Car SOS has been on TV since 2013, presented by Tim and Fuzz. The aim of the show is to restore the loved project cars of people who have been nominated by friends and family as a person well-deserving of a helping hand. If you love a heart-felt moment of surprise when the owner recognises their now-restored pride and joy, this one’s for you.

Their YouTube channel is full of helpful videos to guide you along your own journey:


Tyrrell’s Classic Workshop

If Lamborghini’s and Ferraris are more your speed then Tyrrell’s Classic Workshop will be right up your street. In the workshop tours, Iain Tyrrell himself takes you around the cars they have in, giving you the run down.

Take a look at the video below for satisfying restoration before and afters…


Ratarossa is a channel dedicated to the Italian legend that is the Ferrari. If you enjoy a satisfying transformation, you will love one of Scott’s most popular videos where he washes a Ferrari 512BBi that has been sat on a drive for 12 years!

Harry’s Garage

Last but certainly not least, our Local Legend: Harry. If you know the Cotswolds, you might recognise the Burford High Street pop up in a few shots as Harry takes out the cars he has lined up in his garage. Amongst the restoration projects, you’ll find car reviews and tours of the collection. One of Harry’s most recent additions is the GR Yaris. After reviewing the car back in January 2021, he decided it was too much fun to not have one to run around in!

We wrapped a GR Yaris in Hexis Glitter Yellow Matte in March, as we weren’t too impressed with the limited colour selection… The question is, should Harry wrap his?

The Round-Up

Let us know what you thought of this selection and what channels you would have included in this line-up!

Check out the incredible transformation of this Mazda MX5 we wrapped, taking it from a plain silver (and black!) to this incredible Dark Blue Gloss by Avery Dennison. What colour would you have wrapped it?

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