Meet Daisy – The Pink John Deere


Meet Daisy – The Pink John Deere

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When you think of a John Deere, you probably think of the classic green and yellow… What if we told you we vinyl wrapped one in Pink?

The lovely Bishop’s Court Farm has Alpacas, pygmy goats, an up-and-coming Air BnB, and now a Pink Tractor! Keep reading for the story of how it all happened…

From Harvesters to Tractors

Farol Ltd., in Thame, had a customer looking for a Pink Tractor, so after we vinyl wrapped the 2 Forage Harvesters for them in Hexis Ebony Black, they knew exactly who to call to get the job done.

Arriving to the “sea of green and yellow”

It was with some trepidation that we arrived to the Farol site on the morning of the pink tractor wrap. We have previously described the Farol dealership as a “sea of green and yellow” with a yard full of John Deere machinery so the pink vinyl was always going to stick out like a sore thumb!

We wondered if the team at Farol might tuck us away in a corner for us to work away unnoticed by the technicians, so you can imagine our surprise as we were situated in the middle of the enormous tractor repair workshop in full view of everyone. The signs of disapproval soon followed as we removed the pink vinyl from its box and began to roll out large sections to wrap the enormous bonnet. The colour definitely split opinions and we were visited throughout the day from many Farol employees who were wondering if they had heard correctly when their colleague had mentioned a pink tractor wrap! The green and yellow overalls clad army of technicians had many things to say as we were working, and it was amusing to hear how disgruntled people could get over the “sacrilege” of wrapping a John Deere in pink!

It was clear that the employees at Farol have a great loyalty to the green and yellow and we wondered if wrapping it pink might do a disservice to the icon that is a John Deere Tractor.

At Bishop’s Court Farm

A few weeks after the Tractor was delivered to the client at Bishop’s Court Farm, we took a visit over to see how they were getting on and get some final shots for the video. It was amazing to see Daisy right at home with farm owner Keith, and farm managers Cath and Sharon.

After chatting with them in between taking photos and visiting the alpacas, it was clear that the pink was a hit! Not only with the farm hands but the locals who often contact them before they go for a walk, just to see if the Pink Tractor will be around!

What would John Deere think?

The comment that amazed us the most was that John Deere themselves had contacted the farm, expressing how much they loved how unusual the idea was! We can now rest assured that they are on board with the pink!

The Team

The best part of any job is very often the people we get to work with. Talking to Cath and Sharon, it is clear they love what they do and take great pride in watching Bishop’s Court Farm grow. Whilst Daisy might be quite the attraction, she will most definitely be quite the work-horse in order to earn her keep.

Visiting the Farm

You can visit Daisy as she works away on the farm. Bishop’s Court Farm has opened up access to the public right of way for visitors as well as now offering Alpaca walks! If you spot Daisy, make sure you send us a photo!


Harvesters, Tractor… What next?

We’re excited to see how the world of farm machinery could transform with vinyl wrapping. With it’s many benefits, from personalisation to adding a level of protection from theft, it’s a wonder that it is not already more popular!

Call us if you’re interested to find out more onĀ 01993 684112

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