GR Yaris – What are your options?


GR Yaris – What are your options?

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“a proper Top-Gear hero”

GR Yaris in Glitter Yellow Matt by Hexis

The Specs

Whether you’ve been watching Top Gear, read up on the Toyota website or taken a scroll through a number of forms, you’re probably familiar with some of the specs of the GR. But let’s give you a quick run-down to refresh your memory…

3 cylinder, 1.6L Turbocharger engine

257 BHP

0-62 in 5.5 seconds

max speed 142 mph

34.4 MPG (for those of you who are looking for energy efficiency out of this road-legal rally car)

When choosing your Yaris, you have 3 initial options: the standard Hatchback, the Convenience Pack or the all bells and whistles Circuit Pack. The prices of these range from £30k-£33k with additional customisations as extra.

When we found out Woodstock Car Sales had the new GR Yaris in the Circuit Pack, we knew it was one that had to be wrapped.

The Colours

The GR Yaris comes in only 4 colours: Pure White, Precious Black, Scarlet Flare and Platinum White Pearl. Which are essentially fancy names for: Gloss White (as standard), Metallic Black, Pearlescent Red and Pearlescent White.

So when it came to picking a colour for the Yaris, it’s no wonder that Iain chose Hexis‘ new swatch: Glitter Yellow Matt.

GR Yaris in Glitter Yellow Matt by Hexis

If you’ve landed yourself with the highly desirable and much sought after hot-hatch of the year, chances are you’ll not only want to stand out but also protect the paint. Vinyl wrapping not only widens your options for colour, but protects the resale value of the car for when a few years down the line, you’ve found yourself with a classic. By spray painting your car, you can devalue it instantly. Whilst you might love it, bright yellow might not be to everyone’s liking. Some wraps can last up to 12 years, but wrapping is also fully reversible, should you change your mind or decide to sell.

There are rumours and speculation that vinyl can damage paint but with an experienced fitter and top-quality film, this should never be the case. For Woodstock Car Sales’ GR Yaris, we used Hexis Glitter Yellow Matt, but we have available a wide range of options, from the 3M 2080 and Avery Dennison Supreme ranges. If yellow is not to your taste, give us a call and arrange a visit to find something just right for you.

wrapping the GR Yaris

The Mods

Let’s just say that the Circuit Pack with it’s Petrol Turbocharge 257BHP wasn’t quite enough for you, you might then turn to the Litchfield Tuning box, a Bluetooth enabled boost to bring you over 300BHP at the push of a button, and an additional £500+VAT.


The 4 wheel drive wouldn’t be complete without Litchfield‘s own suspension kit, that is “fully adjustable to allow different ride heights to be set to suit the owners use”. You can choose to upgrade to include fitting, alignment and corner weighting for a total of £2,420+VAT, but if you don’t fancy that, the kit itself is £1,995+VAT.

wrapping the GR Yaris

The Yaris used to be your every day car, but this year’s hot hatch is one for the track. Let’s talk about standing apart from the crowd: 01993 684 112

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