Case Study - Land Rover Defender 110


Case Study – Land Rover Defender 110

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Here at Complete Graphics we love an adventure-mobile and what better way to explore the Cotswolds than a classic Land Rover Defender 110? Our customer Jamie Field has upgraded his Defender with various modifications with plans to get it raised, add bigger tyres, and add a winch. A full colour change wrap in 3M Matt Military Green was one of the final embellishments for the modifications that he had made, adding to the overall off road appeal of his vehicle. As has been said:

“What I want out of a car is a sense of personality. If I want a machine for moving about in, I’d buy a Hyundai or Toyota. With a Defender you are buying into tradition, and worth, and these things have to be earned.” Steve Moody [Car Magazine]

The tradition surrounding classic Land Rovers is long established and we were pleased to be a part of this project. That’s not to say that we don’t love wrapping brand new, shiny Range Rover Evoques but when we got the enquiry for a 3M Matt Military Green Defender 110 it was a real treat. The intrigue and appeal is only magnified due to the Defenders being discontinued in 2016 and each vehicle being one of a limited number on the roads.

Jamie was pleasantly surprised when he brought the car to us and saw the countryside setting that Complete Graphics is based in. Our clients often comment on the beautiful view from the workshop here and we are excited for summer and lockdown to be over so that we can host events and open evenings with our customers. We love coffee here at CG and would love to have an outside coffee bar to make the most of the setting here. The colour and finish of the Matt Military Green vinyl compliments the countryside setting we are based in, and with our client’s permission we were able to drive the vehicle through the farm and take some off-road shots to produce a video worthy of the longstanding tradition of Defenders being off-road working vehicles.

Jamie had been given a quote for a full respray but decided to have the car wrapped so that if he changed his mind on the colour, the more temporary option of a vinyl wrap could be easily removed and changed to any other colour. That being said, if maintained well, a wrap can last upwards of 5 years. He also appreciated the fact that when he comes to sell the car in the future, the car is black underneath and the paintwork is being protected. Due to the age of the vehicle, some surface rust was removed by Complete Graphics and sanded back and primed in order for the vinyl to be applied to a smooth surface. This means that the bodywork will be sound underneath the wrap and not cause failure of the vinyl in the future.

Perhaps the best testimonial of the job is Jamie’s young son who jumped up and down with excitement when he first saw the wrapped car here at the workshop. Even from a young age, the infectious charm of the Defender cannot be denied.

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