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Updated: 18 October 2023

Many businesses have set objectives to achieve more sustainable practices. But what is being sustainable? In simple terms, sustainability is meeting our needs or those of our business without compromising future generations to meet their needs socially, environmentally and economically.

After a time, business premises often get tired and dated and require a re-vamp in order to feel fresh and attract clients. One way that you can make a real impact in being sustainable in your refurbishment project is by reducing waste and reusing what you can. It takes a little creativity but it can be easily achieved! Reusing what you already have can also be a far more cost-effective option.

In this blog, we explore how you could update your tired and dated office environment by using our interior wrapping solution which will contribute towards your project being far more sustainable. We are delighted to offer this PVC Free Architectural Film, which is perfect for projects where sustainability is fundamental, as the vinyl is completely plastic-free. There are 15 finishes available within this range get in touch to claim a free A6 sample of this product.

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How can I consider sustainability in my office refurbishment project?

If you are undertaking an office refurbishment project, ideally sustainability should be considered at the planning stage. In fact, 90% of a project’s environmental impact is determined at the design stage. If you have engaged a designer to support your project, then you should make it very clear during the brief, that sustainability is a key objective of the project. Ways that you could contribute towards being sustainable in your office refurbishment include:

1. Utilising natural light

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Think carefully about the size and position of your natural light outlets e.g. windows. If you have the budget to install floor-to-ceiling windows to allow the light to flood in, fab, but if not, you could consider re-positioning workstations. By utilising natural light, you minimise the need for artificial light and therefore reduce energy consumption.

2. Considering ventilation

On a similar note, having well-insulated windows that are easy to open and allow air to circulate effectively will mean that air conditioning is not required. This will once again save on energy consumption but will also improve air quality. Win, win!

Did you know...? Greenery and plants in your office or workspace act as a natural ventilation and air purification system!

3. Re-using fixtures, fittings and furniture

A great way to reduce waste is to consider whether the fixtures, fittings and furniture that you already have could be re-used rather than disposed of.

Interior wrapping can completely transform any structurally sound surface. For example, has your office entrance area become a little dated? Consider giving the space a lick of paint or wrapping one feature wall in a luxurious vinyl such as marble effect to make a stand-out first impression.

Maybe your conference or meeting space feels dated and uninviting. Applying architectural finishes to the walls, tables and other furniture within the space can transform it from drab and dreary to an inviting space where staff are likely to be much more productive!

Corridors are so often neglected in an office space. This is surprising as not only do they occupy lots of the surface space within the building but the volume of traffic means that they usually end up scuffed and scraped. Interior wrapping can be used to cover corridor walls, completely transforming the feel of the space whilst being durable and hard-wearing.

As a business owner or manager, you might be surprised by the wear and tear suffered by office desks and the frequency at which they need to be replaced! Rather than replacing desks, why not consider wrapping them which will save you money and reduce the waste. You’d be amazed at how realistic the woodgrain options look.

If you really do need to completely replace your existing furniture, why not consider donating it to charity and sourcing your replacement furniture from a secondhand retailer – local if possible. Sustainable and supporting local business!

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Office After10

Certified sustainable design

There are two building rating schemes that help to determine the impact that a building has on the environment and its ongoing performance.

‘These consist of a pre-defined set of criteria linked to the design, construction and operation of green buildings. Building owners that use EPD Registered products can receive credits for the building rating systems including the UK based scheme BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) and globally recognised LEED (US Green Building Council).’

Architextural Surface Designed (2022) Sustainability In Refurbishments. Available at: Sustainability In Refurbishments - Architextural (Accessed: 10th November 2022)

At the very least, both schemes act a useful guide for selecting more sustainable options and approaches for your office refurbishment.

As mentioned above, we are offering free samples of our new completely PVC Free Architectural Film, which is perfect for projects where sustainability is fundamental. Get in touch to claim yours. You can read more about this fantastic product over on our suppliers website, in their detailed blog.

How does wrapping contribute to saving our planet?

Huge proportions of landfill waste are the result of building projects and developments. As a designer or business owner at the start of your office renovation journey, you are likely to be looking for options that reduce waste as well as provide durability and longevity. Architectural vinyl wrapping offers exactly this! Wrapping existing surfaces prevents items from being disregarded unnecessarily and offers them a new lease of life.

There are countless benefits to considering more sustainable choices in your office re-fit, including minimising your impact on the environment by reducing waste, saving money on the purchase of new fixtures and fittings as well as ongoing energy bills and boosting your reputation among green-conscious clients.

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How can I find out more about PVC-free interior film?

Across all interior vinyl ranges that we supply, there are hundreds of finishes in woodgrain, natural stone, solid colour, metallics and fabrics. There really is something for everyone! We’re really people and we’d love to have a chat. Feel free to pop in for a coffee is you’re local to Witney. Otherwise, do drop us a message via our contact form and we’ll get back to you within the next working day.

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