Another GR Yaris vinyl wrapped?


Another GR Yaris vinyl wrapped?

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Last week, we vinyl wrapped another GR Yaris! Not Glitter Yellow Matte this time, but Avery Dennison Light Blue Gloss.

Our client found out about us through finding our blog post on the last GR Yaris we vinyl wrapped.

This got us thinking, how else can you find out about vinyl wrapping?

Car Forums

Chatting with other car owners and enthusiasts is a fantastic way to get recommendations. Places like gr-yaris.co.uk are a hub for chat threads about the best modifications, parts and fix-ups.

vinyl wrapping a GR Yaris


For a full behind the scenes on the world of vinyl wrapping, YouTube is your place to go.

By watching YouTube videos by vehicle wrappers, you can see them at work, how the wrapping really takes place and the process from start to finish.

Our video for this blue GR is in the making but take a look at our last one for an idea of how it all works:


Instagram is, for most, a portfolio of work, showing the wrap before and after shots that we all love. For us, it’s a bit more than that… We love finding out your thoughts on our wraps, the colours and the cars! Follow for daily stories, quizzes and polls as well as professional photography of the finish vehicle wraps.


Much like Instagram, you’ll see the day-to-day behind the scenes, with the additional bonus of communities, sharing and recommending businesses they have used.

We upload our videos to Facebook as well, so for your convenience, it’s all in one place!


Great for business to business relations, LinkedIn is where most vehicle wrapping companies advertise how they work with other companies.

We’ve worked with a number of large businesses in the past, including Grange Jaguar Land Rover and Farol Ltd., who have come back for wraps time and again because of high quality work and good customer service. Working with reputable businesses adds credit to your reputation, verifying that you are someone trusted to work with.

Website/ Blog

Last but not least, websites and blogs. Most of the time, when you search into Google “vehicle wrapping near me”, you’ll be taken to a business website. On here you’ll find all the information you need to contact a company. If the business also happens to have a blog, you can take a look through this. We often post case studies, advice and some key information about vehicle wrapping that you might be interested in.


Let us know how you found us!

Get in touch to find out more about vehicle vinyl wrapping.

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