5 Top Tips For Looking After Your Vinyl Car Wrap


5 Top Tips For Looking After Your Vinyl Car Wrap

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When it comes to protecting your car from the elements, there is nothing quite like a vinyl car wrap. Vehicle wrapping is not only functional but stylish as they come in many different colours and designs. Visit us here on the farm at Complete Graphics to take a look through our swatch books or chat to our design team.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to take care of your new vinyl wrap, then you are in the right place!

Here at Complete Graphics, we are experts when it comes to luxury vehicle wraps. Read on for 5 top tips for looking after your vinyl car wrap so it stays looking the best…

Avoid Using A Scraper 

Living in the UK we tend to get some horribly cold winters. One of the things we can confidently say is an absolute no for vehicle wraps is using a scraper. Obviously, you can use one for getting the snow and ice off your windscreen, but do not use one on your wrap. It will without a doubt scratch your wrap and cause damage. We would recommend using either a soft brush, cloth, waterproof glove or a hose with lukewarm water.


Ford Focus ST: Wide mouth grill detail in Gloss Black Mazda MX-5: Avery Dennison Satin Black roof and wing mirrors 

The best way to remove anything stuck to your vehicle wrap is with a soft sponge and a little bit of water. 

Remove Salt From The Wrap

Another issue we all face when it comes to vehicle wraps is the salt on the roads. Much like with paintwork, road salt can cause damage to the wrap if allowed to build up over time. If you use your car regularly, washing it once a week will help keep the salt from building up and damaging your wrap. This is most important during the winter months.

Get Damages Fixed ASAP

Should you get a rip, cut or tear in your vinyl you should consider getting it fixed as soon as possible. With most problems on a car, if you leave it, it can get worse and eventually cost more money than if you just fixed it when you noticed it. New damages are more likely fixable if you get it looked at as soon as you notice it. Panel by panel replacements are much cheaper than getting a full new wrap fitted further down the line. 

If you have had your car wrapped with us here at Complete Graphics, we will have on record which vinyl you chose for your wrap and will be able to check stock in order to replace a panel if that is all that is needed.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

We understand life is busy and cars get dirty, but make sure to keep an eye out for anything that might need a spot clean. Look out for residue caused by birds, tree sap, bugs or anything else that might stain or leave a mark. Removing this dirt as soon as you notice it will reduce the risk of stains on your vehicle wrap. A wet sponge, non-abrasive soap and some warm water will do perfectly. 

Do Not Use Pressure Wash! 

One of the things we recommend is keeping on top of your wrap and keeping it clean, but we do not recommend using a pressure washer. Hand washing with a bucket and sponge is the best way to ensure your wrap stays in the best condition. Whilst using a pressure washer is not something we recommend, if you do choose to use one, make sure to turn down the pressure and take a good step away from the wrap. 

We would also recommend you do not go through any machine car wash. These are known to scratch up both paint and wrap, leaving unsightly swirls in the finish. 

Complete Graphics, Car Wrapping Experts

Whether you’ve just had a car wrap installed or are looking to refresh your current one, we have given you five tips to help you maintain the life of your vehicle wraps. These simple steps will keep your investment in good condition and preserve its value for years to come. 

If you want more advice about how best to care for your vehicle wrap, we offer free consultations at Complete Graphics where our experts can answer any questions that may be on your mind. Call us today!

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