5 Reasons To Get Your Vehicle Wrapped


5 Reasons To Get Your Vehicle Wrapped

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There are a number of different reasons why our customers choose to look into vehicle wrapping. It might be that you have bought a new car at the right spec but it’s not the right colour, or perhaps you have a car that you love the drive of but you want to give it some love and a new lease of life. You may also be a business owner with a commercial vehicle in need of some graphics or a full printed wrap to advertise your business. Whatever your situation, we hope you find this article helpful, as we outline just a few of the reasons why vehicle wrapping is the way forward.

Here are five reasons from our team at Complete Graphics why getting your vehicle wrapped should be at the top of the list.

1. Cost-Effective

Custom paint jobs can be incredibly expensive, especially if you have a large car or company van. More often than not, they can cost double the price of a custom wrap. Whilst this isn’t the only reason to choose wrap over paint, it can help make that decision. We work with Avery Dennison, 3M and Hexis, which have a lifespan of up to 8 years, depending on your choice of vinyl and finish so it is a worthwhile investment as it will stay looking great for many years to come. 

2. Fully Customisable

Wrapping your vehicle comes with so many options! Wrapping and vehicle graphics give you the opportunity to be unique with full bespoke customisation. We can help you choose your design, style, colour, imagery and more, whether this is for your own personal car or a commercial vehicle. If you’re looking for a commercial vehicle wrap, get in touch for a free consultation with our design team who can help you out and make your vehicle stand out from the crowds and become a great marketing tool as it drives arounds the UK roads, showcasing your branding. If you need a little help with branding your company, we can also help with this as well, either updating an old logo or designing some new business cards to match your new wrap. We love to help people excel in their business and see success as they grow so let us know how we can help you to reach that next level in your business.

3. Protects the Resale Value of your Vehicle

By putting a wrap on your vehicle you are protecting the original factory paintwork underneath the wrap. The vinyl can be removed at the end of the lease or when you come to sell your vehicle and reveal the perfect paintwork underneath.

This is just what dealerships and buyers look for when purchasing a used vehicle and will mean more money in your pocket when you come to sell. If leasing your vehicle, a vinyl wrap will help you avoid hefty fines for the road chips, scuffs and other minor imperfections caused by general road usage.

By choosing to go down the vehicle wrapping route you have the option of having a bright, bold car without compromising its end sale value. Then when you are ready to sell, bring it back to us and we can remove your vehicle wrap, restoring your vehicle to its original form.

We’ve worked with dealerships in the past who all recognise the value of keeping vehicles in premium condition for as long as possible and how the protective properties of a wrap can benefit anyone purchasing a new car.

While wrapping a Jaguar with Grange Jaguar Land Rover in Swindon, we chatted to Tom Nuttall who told us how wrapping had benefitted them as a company. Watch his interview with the process and reveal of this wrap below or on our YouTube channel.

4. Easy Maintenance

Our clients often ask us how they should care for their vehicle wrap, and we would say to look after it much like you would a good paint-job. Wash your car regularly to avoid build-up of dirt. When you do wash your car, a bucket and sponge should be your go-to, stay away from machine car washes and pressure washes as these can damage the finish of your wrap.

For more information, read our article on protecting your wrap for more information on how to give your wrap the best opportunity for a long life. 

 5. Makes Your Vehicle Look Brand New

Nothing beats that new car feeling, when it is shiny and looks brand new, well why not try a vehicle wrap to reignite that feeling? We recently wrapped a 27 year old Mazda MX5 which underwent a full wrap on top of a mixmatch of panels. The transformation of the vehicle was amazing to see and we loved the reaction of the owners as they returned to see their project car with a new lease of life. It is common to get minor damages to your paintwork from the roads over the years, but with a small amount of bodywork to prep the car (if necessary) and then a fresh wrap on top, the car will look fresh and new. 

Contact Us To Find Out More

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about why getting your vehicle wrapped is a great idea. If you are interested in learning more, give us a call at 01993684112 or request a quote online for free. Our team of experts will help answer any questions and provide only the highest quality work, whether it is commercial or colour change you are looking for. For more information, contact Complete Graphics today!

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